You have questions. We have answers.

How old do I have to be to attend?
All ages are welcome! And 7 and under are free (IN MOST LOCATIONS, check your event page)! Just bring them along the day of the event. By purchasing a ticket, you’re agreeing to not only your waiver but also the waiver for any children under 18 who may accompany you.

What is this color that you speak of? Is it safe?
It’s simply colored cornstarch. Nothing unsafe here. Unless you’re allergic to colored cornstarch . . .

FYI: It might take a couple washes to get all of the color off. Also, the color probably won’t completely wash out of clothes/shoes so make sure you wear clothes that you want to have colored permanently.

Is the run timed?
No timers here. This is a fun run, friends. Everyone is a winner!

My dog/cat/ferret like to run. Can it come too?
Sorry, but no pets allowed at the Color Mob 5k.

What about strollers?
Strollers are perfectly fine! Get that baby on the Color Mob bandwagon! BUT, not all of the routes are on pavement so stroller at your own risk.

Is registration really non-refundable?
Sorry, but we can’t refund registration. You can definitely have another Color Mobster run in your stead though.

Do you need volunteers?

Yep, we need volunteers. Just go to the volunteer page for the event in your city to sign up.

I have more questions!

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